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User Interface and User Experience (UI/UX) is the secret weapon of truly terrific websites and apps. Our UI/UX designers can take your vision for an application and run with it – applying tried-and-true research methods to create a visually stunning and intuitively interactive model or application.

What is UI/UX?

UI/UX utilizes data, real-time metrics, user personas, and user journey testing to ensure that your application is the most scientifically-optimized it can be.

Rather than simply making an application that is clean, UI/UX designers focus on using user research and data to calculate the most efficient layout, roadmap, and experience for the target user.

UI = User Interface

User Interface (UI) is all about the visual look of a website or mobile app. UI takes into account the layout of the page, the font choice, color palettes, the graphics, and any other graphic design or visual elements on the screen.

UI designers are trained in visual communication and visual design principles. The UI designer’s job is to make sure all the digital products are as sleek and clear as they can be. They focus on intuitive, digital design that draws the end user in immediately.

A UI designer would focus on questions like:

  1. Are the webpages immediately visually appealing?
  2. Does the design flow from one page to the next in a cohesive way?
  3. Are all components consistent? Including sizing of fonts, color choice of headings, etc.?
  4. Do buttons and icons seamlessly adapt to different screen sizes? Are they easy to read across all digital devices?

UX = User Experience

User Experience (UX) focuses on the user’s journey from one element to another as they scroll through a web page or app.

UX designers do this by creating intricate user flows, which are often created from mock-up user experiences or even data pulled from real-life users if the digital product is live.

A few questions that UX designers look at are:

  1. Is the navigation in a place that makes logical sense for user flow?
  2. Is the page accessible to all people, including those with special needs?
  3. Are folks who are not tech-savvy going to understand how to navigate through the site?
  4. Are there enough (or too many) interactive elements on a page?

The “U” in UI/UX – Considering the User

At the end of the day, your website or app is all about your end user’s interaction and experience. You want to ensure that they have the best possible experience with your technology – so they continue coming back again and again.

To see how UI/UX design can help you achieve a user-centric design, contact the Elevate team today.

Why choose Elevate as Your UI/UX Team?

Commitment to Excellence

At Elevate, we want to make your website or app the best it can be. And we know how much UI/UX responsive design can give you a leg up.

Experienced Professionals

Our team of experienced UI/UX designers and developers understand the value of applying UI/UX at the very beginning of a project.

Proactive Problem-Solving

For our clients who incorporate UI/UX research from the get-go, we’ve found that many of the potential wrinkles that could come up are ironed out before the application is even launched.

Ongoing Support & Analysis

We’re here to scale to your needs over time. UI/UX doesn’t end at product launch. Far from it. We continue to work with our clients to analyze usage metrics and trends to continually tweak the interface to suit the needs of your app and target users over time.

Optimized from the Start

For our clients who incorporate UI/UX research from the get-go, we’ve found that many of the potential wrinkles that could come up are ironed out before the application is even launched.

Our UI/UX Design Process

UI/UX can look completely different from one application to another. For this reason, Elevate’s UI/UX services are always customized to your specific needs and goals.


Approach Document

After developing an in-depth understanding of your vision, we’ll put together an Approach Document that outlines our plan.

Here, we’ll detail the ways in which we’ll conduct our UI/UX research. These can include:

  • In-depth interviews with users
  • Surveys from a broad range of users
  • Guerrilla testing (which can involve going to a busy area and asking members of the public for their initial feedback)
  • Analytics and metrics reviews


Statement of Work

After you receive the Approach Document, we want to hear your feedback. Is there a specific market you want to test? Do you want to incorporate A/B testing for a specific element, like color?

After we hear your thoughts, we’ll incorporate any changes and present you with the Statement of Work.

This document includes all pricing information, as well as the estimated timeline for the project.


UI/UX Design Process

We like to stay in touch throughout all the steps of the UI/UX research and testing process. If we find out a button is too small for users (and that’s why they haven’t been going to the contact page), we want you to be the first to know!

There are many small victories throughout the research process, and we want to celebrate them alongside you as they reveal themselves.

After we’ve conducted the research, we’ll create a final list of recommended changes. If we’re contracted to make these edits, we’ll get right on it after getting the a-okay from you.

If you’d prefer to have your own web developer make the changes, we’ll hand off the list and wish you well on your way!

Benefits of Using A UI/UX Designer

Higher conversion rates

Users don’t have to waste valuable time figuring out your website before pulling the trigger to convert

More user engagement

The easier a website is to use, the more a user will want to explore

Greater accessibility

Build a page that any user, regardless of special or different needs, can operate easily

Stand out amongst the competition

Bask in the glory of looking better than the other websites/apps in your space

Evidence-backed data

Don’t just guess that your design is going to work – ensure it will with testing

Less development time

By applying UI/UX from the get-go, you can shave off precious time during your app or website build

Get Started with Elevate’s UI/UX Services

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